Club Rules

Please read the following rules carefully.

  1. Kayaks are to be used in daytime only (sunrise to sunset).  
  2. Life safety vests must be worn at all times when kayaking.  
  3. No one is to kayak under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications that could impair your ability to kayak safely.
  4. CKC members are not to allow non-members to use any CKC equipment, and are not to share our lock code with non-members.
  5. Kayaks are not to be used when small craft advisories are in effect, in low visibility or when thunderstorms are forecasted.  It is the members’ responsibility to check weather forecasts before heading out.
  6. Kayaks are expected to yield to all other boats on the harbor.
    • Do not assume they can see you
    • Large boats are not maneuverable. It may be impossible for them to avoid you. So it may be imperative that you get out of their way.
  7. Kayaks, paddles, or life vest may not be removed from the docking station for any purpose other than kayaking directly in the adjacent waters.  Transporting kayaks to other locations is strictly prohibited.
  8. Membership cards and photo ID must be present whenever using CKC equipment.
  9. Members must stay at least 100 feet away from any of the Military Sealift Command or Ready Reserve Force ships docked here in Baltimore.  These are the large, gray-hulled ships docked at various locations such as Canton, Locust Point (near our Tide Point dock), and Port Covington (near our Nick's Fish House dock).  
  10. The above rules are to be followed without exception!  Members in violation of any of these rules will forfeit their CKC membership privileges and dues.

Safety Recommendations – We also suggest that you:

  1. Paddle close to the shoreline – it will be easier for you to get to safety if you should flip over. If you need to cross, choose the shortest route to minimize your exposure in the channel, make sure there are no approaching boats, and cross quickly.  
  2. Do not linger in the middle of the harbor.
  3. Avoid the water taxis and water taxi stops.
  4. Paddle with a partner – this is particularly important if you are venturing out towards Fort McHenry and other less populated areas.   
  5. Pack a safety kit.  It should contain a whistle, mirror, flashlight, sunscreen, water and a power bar or granola bar.  Purchase a dry bag for your cell phone.
  6. Dress in consideration of the weather and water temperature and NOT the air temperature.


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