Our Boats

We have more than 80 kayaks dispersed throughout our 6 dock locations.

Our fleet includes kayaks of various makes, models, and sizes.  We want to let our members try different kayaks, so they can decide which best fit their needs. Generally speaking, a longer, narrower kayak is faster, and is better suited to open, rougher water, but may feel more "tippy," especially to a new paddler.  A shorter, wider kayak isn't as fast, but will feel more stable and will usually seem more maneuverable.  All CKC locations, with the exception of our Island View location in Essex, are stocked with sit-in ("touring" or "sea") kayaks of various sizes, ranging from 11 feet to 17 feet in length.  Because of its direct access to the open Chesapeake, the sit-in kayaks at the Island View are all 17-foot models; however, we also offer several sit-on-top kayaks, including fishing kayaks and a tandem (two-seat) kayak, at that location.

Our kayaks include but are not limited to:

Please note that many, if not most, of our kayaks have a weight limit of 275 pounds or less.  We cannot guarantee that all locations have kayaks with weight limits greater than 260 pounds.  Paddlers must be able to easily enter and exit the cockpit of a kayak; the cockpits on most of our kayaks are 17-20 inches wide.



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